Fan Control is a highly focused fan controlling software for Windows

No installation required.

Low on resources, high on power.

Main interface

" No third-party software, at all, as much as they might want to tout that they do, do not have this level of control. This is what happens when someone that sees a problem, is an enthusiast, and is a programmer, gets involved and says I'm gonna do something that nobody has been doing a way I feel they should do it, and they did it right in my opinion. "


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Flexible by design
7 Fan Curve types
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CPU, GPU, and case fans

Yup, that's covered. Fan Control has extensive support for a variety of motherboards, GPUs, and other hardware, like AIOs. Say goodbye to the "silo" approach of using multiple softwares to control your different fans. Have all of them controlled by a single smart entity, and start thinking about cooling and noise as a system-wide concern.

Tinkerers rejoice

Fan Control has ALL the parameters. Fan calibration, response time, hysteresis, hysteresis direction, step up, step down... Fine tune to your heart's desire. Control your fan's start and stopping logic, for smooth 0 RPM operation (when supported).

It's all about the mix

THE missing feature that originates this whole project. Mix fan curves take the possibilities to a whole new level. Combine any amount of fan curves together and apply a function like maximum or average to create a whole new control logic. Different curves bound to different temperature sensors, mixed together, your case fans never asked for better.

Try it out on the demo card!

Demo Case Fans
CPU -> Case fans (50 %)
GPU -> Case fans (50 %)
50.0 %

Expansion through plugins

Want to add more sensors and controls from a third party? No problem! Fan Control has a simple plugin system with .NET that allow any third party developer to add temperature, speed or control sensors. Installing is as easy as dropping a dll in the plugin folder, that's it. You can checkout the list of active plugins on the Github page.

Open source backend

Fan Control backend is mainly based on LibreHardwareMonitor, an open source fork of the original OpenHardwareMonitor. This means that hardware compatiblity is entirely open for anyone to contribute, and doesn't rely on a single developer or company who may stop caring at some point. Combined with the plugin system, Fan Control is unlocked for many generations of hardware to come.